NYU ED1 Discussion Thread

<p>ED deadline is in just 2 weeks! Results should be back in 2 months (that’s a terrifying thought). Let’s stress over our apps together.</p>

<p>Feel free to post stats and what school you’re applying to. Good luck to everyone! Hope we all get in.</p>

<p>Applying to CAS for Journalism.</p>

3.58 UW GPA
2010 SAT (retook Oct 1st.. awaiting scores)
APs: Gov, Spanish Lang, Lang/Comp, Euro, Environmental Science
Significant ECs: Editor-in-Chief of school newspaper, NHS member, Spanish Honor Society member, GSA member</p>

<p>Ahh, December 15th. I’m applying to Stern, but I’m probably not going to get in.
Directly copy and pasted from my “Chance Me” Thread:</p>


  • SAT I (breakdown): 2200, (2210 Superscore) 710 M 760 W 730 CR (Took again in October, waiting.)
  • SAT II: Math IIc: 800, US History: 790, World History: 800
  • Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.75 Weighted, our school doesn’t do unweighted
  • Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): Top 20% decile of a class of 289
  • AP (place score in parenthesis): APUSH: 5, (Just took World History, Language and Composition, and Government)
  • IB (place score in parenthesis): Taking the IB Business HL and IB Spanish SL tests next year
  • Senior Year Course Load:AP Psychology, AP Calc BC, AP Biology, AP Literature and Composition, , IB Spanish SL</p>


  • Extracurriculars: Chess Club (co-founder/Vice-President), School’s Literary Magazine (Treasurer, I also contribute), Philosophy Club, Debate Club (President/Captain), Model UN (Treasurer, then Vice-President), Key Club, Student Council Representative, Computer Club (Treasurer), Marching Band (Teacher’s Assistant), Chinese Family Society of NJ Co-(President of Student Affairs in my local town), National Honors Society (President)
  • Job/Work Experience: Worked at a Law Firm in China (the H&Y Law Firm, they have a website) as a team leader of a team of international interns
  • Volunteer/Community service:Over 200 hours
  • Summer Activities: Attended George Washington’s University’s summer program on International Relations, attended CTY for Engineering at Lafayette University, attended NYU over this summer for Calculus I.</p>

<p>You’re very qualified for Stern.</p>

<p>I’m also applying ED for Stern</p>

<p>GPA: 97.51 W, 94ish UW
SAT’s: 2110 (650 CR, 710M, 750W) super scored
720USH, 700+ math 2 (took in oct.)
ECs: treasurer of NHS, 165 hours community service at library, math team, young entrepreneur association, track team, progressive student awareness, school newspaper, most were only for 1 year =(
also working with my brother to open a website</p>

<p>let me know what u guys think =D</p>

<p>You’re fine.</p>

<p>Have you guys finished your supplement questions yet? I’m still working on the third and my first two could use some editing.</p>

<p>Yeah, what did you write about?</p>

<p>For the first, I wrote about both the journalism opportunities in the city and how NYU is a place where gays can feel welcome. The second was about how my experiences as EIC of my school’s newspaper have inspired me to major in journalism and why NYU/NYC are ideal for my growth as a journalist. For the third, I’m writing about blogging.</p>

<p>How about you?</p>

<p>edit: haha, wow. After reading my post my essays sound terrible… much better in actuality than they are here!</p>

<p>My first one relates my business to the opportunities at NYU, the second is about how I want to expand and learn more about finance and why this will help me grow, the third one is about the United States economy.</p>

<p>Heh, First: How NYU is reflected of the world and the international opportunities there. Second: Talked mainly about NYU Shanghai and my goal for both a liberal arts and business education. Third: Star Trek.</p>

Haha, Based on your topic #3, you are in. :). That is, for most of the schools within NYU.
Not sure about Stern. NYU admissions in general appear to appreciate creative and unique thinkers. :)</p>

<p>applying ED as well (CAS Econ/comp sci major)</p>

<p>3.2/4 3.35/5 :frowning: But I’m at about 4.0 first quarter
4 years of band (over 280 hours a school year)
swimming (recruiting, hopefully this is what gets me in…)
math II: 760
SAT reasoning: 730 math 620 reading 600 writing, retook oct.1 also waiting on scores (I am 100% confident I did much better.)</p>

<p>Essay #1: I wrote about the diversity, academics and athletics and how I think it would fit me well (my philosophy on school has changed drastically over the past year, and I’ve been trying to show it)
Essay #2: I wrote about how business interests me, including an example of spending much time in my dad’s bakery
Essay #3: Being rewritten, but it will be about the constant changes in the technological world. </p>

<p>Hoping I get in… Feeling a bit down about my prospects at this point from what I’ve heard</p>

<p>ion, i’ve seen tons of people with similar stats to you get accepted to CAS through regular decision. The acceptance rate is a whole 8% or so higher during ED… definitely don’t give up! Even if you don’t get in to CAS you still have a decent chance of getting LSP’d. </p>

<p>I really hope we all get in.</p>

<p>edit: you’re being recruited for swimming? that’s huge… don’t worry so much haha</p>

<p>I really do hope I get in, as my school is RIDICULOUSLY competitive (e.g. our acadec team or math team or some kind of team like that won the national competition this past year). However, I’m only in the top 50%. Many have said I have a low chance, and the swim coach has been a little ambiguous on my chances haha but thank you for the encouragement. I still have to work hard for this one school so no senior slide for me :(</p>

<p>Hi everyone… I am also applying for ED1. </p>

<li>This is my 4th year living in the States, and I will be applied as an international student </li>
<li>Race : Asian</li>
<li>Rank : 3rd decile</li>
<li>GPA : 3.78(UW) 3.84(W) or 95 (Numeric Avg) - only AP class taken 'till Junior is Calc AB</li>
<li>ACT : 30 (single-seated), 29 (Eng) 35 (Math) 8 (Writing)</li>
<li>SAT II : Math IIC: 790</li>
<li>AP Score: AB(4)</li>
<li>Senior yr schedule : AP Micro Econ, AP Chinese, AP Environmental Science, Literature , AP Calculus BC, and Broadcast Video Production</li>
<li>EC : 3 community orchestras (all first chair and teaching assistant), key club treasurer, national chinese honor society president, Chinese culture club historian, marching band, and pep band.</li>
<li>Honors : won 3 state foreign language contests</li>

<p>Should I apply to Stern? I think I’m going to major in econ/bus. , but Stern offers the course that I really want to take. Furthermore, it is early decision… so I hope I might have a little higher chance… any opinions?? thanks</p>

<p>^^^ If you can afford Stern tuition, I would recommend applying ED to Stern - that is if you want to go to Stern. If you’re interested in more theoretical, rather than applied, economics, CAS would be better for you.</p>

<p>thanks for your comment</p>

<p>Haha… I would be glad enough to apply for stern, but I am not sure if I can make it cause it is </p>

<p>ridiculously hard to get in… Do you think I have a decent chance to make it? I really want to </p>

<p>take actuarial science class… Hope I don’t get denied…</p>

<p>ACT is a bit low, but not too much. Mid 50 is 31-34. GPA is on target. Classes are pretty good. I’d say it’s a high match for you.</p>

<p>where are you getting that mid 50 is 31 - 34? that seems very high.</p>

<p>^^ From their website:</p>

<p>[Just</a> the Facts](<a href=“http://www.nyu.edu/admissions/undergraduate-admissions/is-nyu-right-for-you/faqs.html]Just”>http://www.nyu.edu/admissions/undergraduate-admissions/is-nyu-right-for-you/faqs.html)</p>