NYU ED1 - what are my chances?

Hello! NYU is my number one school and I am considering applying ED 1 for Vocal Performance with a second interest in CAS (probably undecided or for a Politics major). I’m not sure if it’s the right thing, but I am leaning heavily towards it. Here are some of my stats:

  • 3.93 UW/4.57 W GPA
  • 34 ACT (35 english, 36 reading, 31 math, 34 science)
  • APs: Bio (4) Lang (5) APUSH (5) Environmental (5) Music Theory (5)
  • Senior year course load: AP world, AP calc AB, AP Lit, honors Italian, honors music theory II, choir
  • extracurriculars: 4 years in the drama club(participated in nearly every show), intern for a US congressional campaign, worked professionally at a regional theater, pianist who has played at Carnegie Hall three times, auditioned for and accepted to all-county, all-regional, and all-state choir, classical vocalist who has sang at Carnegie once, winner of multiple piano/voice competitions, intern at local newspaper, main contributor to the school newspaper for one year, stage manager for multiple productions at school and other theater companies, co founded a non profit music organization and produced an event for the organization that raised ~$1k, (hopefully!) president of the school choir for senior year

I understand that much of my admission chances fall on my audition, but I will also be considered for a second non-audition academic major if I cannot be accepted for music - also, if I am accepted for academics, the decision is no longer binding and I can apply to other schools. Is applying ED1 worth it and will it help me increase my admissions chances? Thanks so much!

Your stats and ECs seem to make you a competitive ED1 candidate at NYU. But without reading your essays and fully knowing your background, I cannot guarantee that you will be admitted. Good luck with the audition!

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