NYU ED2 class of 2027

It also talked about Bursar. But yea, idk

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Could be

What does your housing portal show?

Shows “no application available”

Same, Did your status portal change as well

When do you think they will release the decisions?:sob::sob:

I’m thinking 4pm ET

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Yes the status portal changed too. I cannot see the checklist, update button and withdraw button. Only the personal information button is still up.

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What school did u apply to?

College of arts and sciences (CAS)

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hi i have one button in my portal now!!! i think those r indicators what does everyone have

Everyone has one button now

hi guys what do you all have on your housing portal ;;

No apps

summer 23

hi do u know what no apps imply this year?

hi! do you know if summer is an indicator this year?

wait guys, what is a housing portal? I wasn’t informed about this


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Can you guys respond to this form