NYU ED2 class of 2027

Wanted to share this journey with others in the same boat :blush:

In this situation as well. So far I was accepted into UT Austin, Belmont, and Ithaca College. Rejected from Chapman (Ed school) and FSU. Thinking my chances aren’t high but at the same time Chapman and FSU don’t have a lot of spots for film prod. “(30 for Chapman and 16-18 for FSU). I think my portfolio/essays for NYU were really good and plus I did an online screenwriting NYU summer program a couple of summers ago. Don’t got a lot of expectations for this decision but whatever. Also waiting on schools like LMU, Emerson, DePaul, BU, Syracuse, etc.


We are in this boat too.

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Hello! I’m also ED2 for NYU Tandon Mathematics in Engineering.
Got rejected for Vanderbilt ED1 and Defered for Georgia Tech and USC.
SAT 1540 TOEFL 112 GPA 3.98
Fingers Crossed!

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I receive an email from NYU around the end of January reminding me to send in additional supporting materials, if any, before the February 1st deadline. I am applying ED2 and wondering if anybody received similar emails from NYU.

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Yes, I’m sure every ED applicant has received it.

Pranav, thanks for the reply. Good luck to you on Feb 15th!

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You too!

Does anyone know what time will the decisions be coming out on Feb 15th?

Yet to be announced, ED 1 was 4 pm EST so I’m assuming it’s around the same time this time as well

ah okay thanks pranav. What did you apply for?

Steinhardt, GPH. What about you?

Stern, BS Business

also, is it common for NYU to accept students into their alternate programs/schools?

how about everyone’s current housing status?

It says “No applications available” for me. What about you?

Guys, does your Bursar show “Fall 2023” option under deposits?

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Yes, I think everyone has that

Are you sure? I read a lot of threads and mostly people had Spring and Summer options :sob: idk probably I’m overthinking

I think that was the housing portal. Not sure though

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