NYU Essay...need advice! Help!

<p>So I wrote my common app essay a while ago, and I really love it...but I'm applying to NYU and I'm afraid that the subject matter will turn them off...</p>

<p>It's starts with a narrative about this jump I did off of a cliff into a mountain spring, then goes on to describe how my goals were influenced by my childhood adventures. It's very nature-oriented.</p>

<p>I was basically wondering if the fact that NYU is so entirely urban will conflict with my essay topic...?</p>

<p>Please help! You can also read my essay if you'd like a better idea of what it's about...</p>

<p>I hate to do this but...BUMP.
I really need advice here.</p>

<p>I can try to give you advice. PM the essay</p>

<p>Sent! Thanks so much! :)</p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>I'm sure something like your obvious affinity for nature would - or should - in no way have a negative influence on your NYU application. Especially not when it's about adventures and excitement, since those adjectives are perfect for NYC, and the qualities I imagine you show through that essay - independence, creativity, enthusiasm, audacity, etc... - would definitely be desirable for any school, perhaps even more so for NYU. And they're not looking for thousands of city girls and urban boys, so unless you're writing about peace and tranquility and the sounds of birds chirping and water trickling, I think you'll be just fine. Anyway, feel free to send me your essay! :)</p>

<p>Sure, PM me and I'll give u some opinions :)</p>