NYU Fall 2020 Transfer

Hey people,

I know we have until April for submitting apps and May for receiving decisions, but I’m super excited, so i had to start this =)

Glad to see someone started this post! NYU is one of my top choices for transfer after I finish up community college this spring.

I plan on applying to the Stern School of Business with 60+ units, so I’d be a junior if I were to attend. I graduated in 2009 and tried going to cc for two years but did poorly. I joined the Navy and I got out in 2018. Since then I’ve been exceeding my own expectations with my classes and I’m applying to some really good schools, NYU being one of them.

I’m hoping my upward trend as a student, military service, and strong essays would make me a strong candidate in the eyes of NYU. Good luck to everyone!

@seabee91 Even though it’s I’m just at my second year of college; I’m at the similar situation whereas I’ll be having 60+ units when I apply. Majority of my units come from AP and community college classes taken as high school student.

Do you know or have any idea that students have too many units could potentially hurt their chances for getting admitted since college might think you would be done in less than 2 years, why bother to transfer?

I don’t know about NYU but I’ve seen other schools say that they’re not as likely to accept people who have completed more of the college degree. But with that said if you will be entering as a junior, or sophomore, you’ll be fine. If you’re trying to enter as a senior that’s going to be extremely hard to sell yourself.

Schools within NYU have different transfer requirements. Read the specifics on minimum & maximum credits allowed per school. Sometimes they don’t accept credit for some courses taken before and you’ll have to do them again anyway. @transferr2020 you might find this particularly applicable in your case with credits done in high school. I doubt any transfer graduates in less than 2 years no matter what you’ve done before.

@transferr2020 , I recently attended a transfer day at another university, and I spoke with an Associate Director for undergraduate admissions about credits. He said that someone WITHOUT a degree could apply with however many units and that the undergrad team will pick the number of credits necessary to allow that student enter as a junior. They tend to pick the classes you’ve passed that give you the best gpa. Again this is all information that was told to me at a private school that is highly rated.

You should try and email the undergraduate team at NYU and see how their process goes!

@seabee91 That is awesome because I have a somewhat similar case. NYU is also one of my top schools but I did really, really bad in high school because I just didn’t care. But now I am in community college in California and I have a 4.0. I’m applying as a rising sophomore to steinhardt for media, culture, and communications.

@transferr2020 Yea I would definitely email NYU asking about this. Another thing to take into account however is that there a classes you might have taken that are non-transferable toward NYU, so you maybe actually under 60 credits in their eyes. I know the way it works for private schools is if you take class somewhere else, those credits will only transfer if the school you’re transferring to offers a class similar to it.

@jazziscool @seabee91 Thank you all for your insight, it really helps!!! I called the admission the other day, and they say pretty much the same thing “any without a bachelor degree can all apply as transfer”. Yet, if someone with a lot units (above 80 or 90 semester units) should have a very legit and strong reason of why you are transferring since they may be wonder that why do you want to transfer when you are going to graduate within 1 year (2 semesters) at your current school.

After reaching out to the admissions (NYU and other private schools generally) that they all say I’m still fall into their junior requirement (maybe even sophomore), because some of my units are credit/ non credit, some are PE, some are online; which those classes would not be transfer for credit for sure.

Honestly, after talking with the admissions that I wouldn’t worry too much with the units since they are all set in my transcripts and there’s nothing much we can do about it. The only thing we can do now to increase our chances is to drill into essay and explain why transfer to convince admission officers to take us.

Good luck everyone!!!

@transferr2020 awesome I’m glad you got things sorted out! Good luck!

@transferr2020 your online classes don’t transfer? Here in CA the community college transcripts don’t say ONLINE next to a course title. It is actually funny because during the transfer day I attended an admissions counselor said “We don’t take online courses, but your community colleges don’t report it on your transcripts so we can’t tell so I don’t know why I’m telling you this.” LOL

@seabee91 IKR, that is really funny when I see this statement. Because none of my online class (from my current California State) and CA community college would say is online. But since some schools require us to submit all the course syllabi once we get admit, so maybe that’s why? ?

Hi everyone!
I’m a prospective NYU junior transfer student for fall 2020. I’m applying to the undergraduate journalism program at CAS. If anyone can give me any advice on what the journalism department is looking for/how competitive it is, that would be awesome. I know there aren’t any prerequisites for the journalism program, but is it impacted/hard to get into??

Also, please let me know your thoughts (constructive criticism is welcomed!) Here’s a quick look at some of the details that will be included in my application:

I started taking classes at a community college when I was 16, then moved to a different community college later on to continue getting my general ed out of the way. I’m currently at a private 4 year college (only staying here one semester). They don’t have a journalism major and their communication program is weak. (Main takeaway: I’ve attended 3 colleges so far)

College GPA: 3.5 after I retake some courses for a stronger grade

I’ll have more than 64 credits when I transfer, most of which are in the liberal arts. An admissions counselor told me the extra credits (since the maximum they accept is 64) can possibly be applied towards electives.

Extra stuff:

Volunteered at Family House in San Francisco (a place that houses and cares for terminally ill kids and their families)

Volunteered with Project Sunshine (similar to the above^^)

Winner of the best essays contest at my community college (published)

Art editor of my community college’s magazine

I’ll (hopefully!) have a news internship with KQED San Francisco under my belt by the time I apply to NYU

Letter of recommendation from a professor at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism

Please let me know what you think (no matter what it is lol!!!)

@california32 I think you’re in pretty good shape for CAS, you’re GPA is fine, and you already have quite a bit of experience under your belt. Did you submit any additional writing samples under supplemental materials?

@seabee91 What California Community College do you go to? I go to Irvine Valley College and they report online classes on our transcripts.

Hey everyone. Just started my application process and noticed that there are two required essays, one explaining your interest in NYU( Why NYU) and the other explaining why you want to transfer. And the maximum word counts are like 2500 words, which is way more than the first-year application essay. I was wondering do we need to write such lengthy essays? And does it mean the more we write the better chance we get?

Also I notice that the maximum number counts for BU essay are around 5000 words, which confuses me.

@jazziscool I go to Golden West College in Huntington Beach. Do they really? That is so odd! I look at my transcript pretty frequently and they’ve never put online on any online class I’ve taken. I know for sure that I heard the AD of undergraduate admissions at a top private university here in CA state that community colleges do not list whether a class was online or not. That is unfair if it’s only a few schools that don’t report that.

@spiderboy I believe that is the maximum character count, which would include periods, commas etc. They aren’t meant to be 3,000 or 2,500 word essays.

Hey guys. I’m attending University of California Santa Barbara right now, and I take three tough courses this quarter. I don’t expect I can get 3.5 or higher GPA in all classes, so I use pass/no pass as grading options for two courses I take, which means the GPA for these two courses doesn’t count into my official transcript and the official transcript will only show I pass these classes. That is to say only one class’s GPA is gonna be on the transcript, and I am pretty confident I can get 3.8 or higher in that class. However, I’m worrying that this may have negative effect on my application, since the AO may think this GPA can’t really reflect my academic performance. So is there anyone who is in the same situation? I hope someone can help me with this…