NYU Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

Applying to NYU in 2022? Decisions are expected by April 1st. Last year, decisions were released on March 20th. This is the spot to connect with other applicants NYU to share stats, news or admissions updates.


Applying to in 2022? This is a space for the members of the class of 2026 to post questions, comments or admissions stats and updates.

Your applications seems outstanding. I particularly like your common app essay which in my opinion is extremely unique and will most definitely make your application stand out from the crowd. Regarding the extracurriculars and honors, they are quite decent and the time commitments looks unadulterated which will nonetheless prove to be a merit for you.

Lastly concerning your “Why NYU” essay, i feel you not not lucidly explained as to why have you opted for studying at the “alternative schools” that you selected, but other than that the essay looks on-point and not a generic one.

Best of luck, also do you have any applications on your NYU Housing Portal? Thanks!

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you literally made my week thank you for being an awesome person.

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Housing portal? I honestly don’t know what that is… should i be worried i don’t know?

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ok i found what it is, but it says nothing is active at this time. is it like an early indicator of if you got in or something?

when will the regular decision be released?


This is from ED results.

We found that people with no application on their housing portal got accepted while people with Summer Term were denied. However, this stuff changes quite a lot but we also found that on your main application portal, there are two turquoise buttons on the side on the desktop website and if those two buttons are gone and your housing portal says no application you are most likely in. It was extremely accurate for ED.

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Also have no idea what this means. My DD does not see a housing portal anywhere on the main portal.

How long do you think we’d have to wait for those buttons to disappear?

it’s just an early indicator letting you know if you got accepted

iirc they disappeared about 2 days before decisions for me. But within a week of decisions is safe I think.

try logging in here

This isn’t an indicator rn. There is no way they inputted the decisions into the system already. However, this should be a good indicator 4-5 days before decisions came out.


Do any accepted 2026 calls received any merit scholarships or packages?

Does anybody know if applicants are expected to update the SRAR with mid-year grades?

As far as I know, if you had already submitted you can’t edit, but I would recommend you reach out to the office of admissions to make sure.

Also, you get to submit a Mid-Year report anyways, so you can just go ahead and do that separately.

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I believe my D got an email from NYU about successfully receiving her SRAR. I think it says mid year report isn’t necessary. Please ask your child to check for that email.

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You’re right:

“If you need to make any corrections to your self reported grades, please log into your [applicant portal] to reopen the SRAR. If your midterm (end of semester) grades were not available when you completed the SRAR and your school issues midterm grades, you are also able to upload your unofficial midterm grades through your [NYU applicant portal], though this is not required.”