NYU Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

thank you! may I ask why you ended up declining?

I am just drawn to the other schools a bit more.

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you have amazing options I know you will do great things wherever u go. good luck on ur next step in life!


paapa, a belated congrats to you! What’s your SAT score and UW gpa?

Not at all.

I’m so sorry girl, those seemed like absolutely amazing stats especially with the ecs. It sounds like their loss tbh😭

Wondering if anyone has successfully appealed their NYU gift aid (not need-based) successfully as an incoming freshman? We tried and were told that this never happens. Not unexpected, but I’m curious (esp. since they also say they don’t give any merit aid at all and now we know they do – a little).

PS - don’t mean to sound ungrateful, we are, very.

Can you explain what summer + academic year means? I am a parent of a prospective student for 2023 and keep seeing this comment but I don’t understand what it is referring to?

On the housing portal, summer means the student only had ‘summer application’ available as an option. summer + academic year means the student had ‘summer application’ and a ‘2022-2023 academic year’ tab as another option.

My DD only had summer and was denied.

But honestly, don’t stress about these potential housing clues. Just have your student submit the best application possible and tailor each of his/her essays to the school. I would also suggest really spending the time necessary to narrow the list down to no more than 12. I really don’t think it’s necessary to apply to more than that. It’s extremely time consuming. It’s better time spent to make each of your essays the best for those 12 schools rather than submitting 20 subpar essays.

This is obviously our own personal experience. Good luck to your future applicant.

Thank you! Really appreciate the feedback.

Is there anyone, who is a transfer for 2022 fall and got a result?
I had my audition on the 13th, and Idk when I should be expecting the response
(Tisch drama)

it means that prior to the results if you check the housing portal and you can see the buttons/square for Summer housing and for Fall housing, then it appears that you are most likely accepted (based on the number of people who had it). If it only shows Summer housing, then you are most likely denied or waitlisted.

Just wonder anyone will start at SPS (sports management) in Spring 23?