NYU Fall Transfer 2022

my checklist is still there for CAS:’)

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mine too

same here i just got rejected from Tisch film and tv major as a transfer

No I believe NYU may prefer it.

Their website states:

Our most competitive applicants have completed at least 32 credits/points of coursework by the time they enroll at NYU.

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I tried emailing Silver to ask when they expect to release decisions given that I haven’t found anyone who’s heard and boy did they smack me down haha. I wasn’t even asking for specific info on my daughter, just their general timeframe. Yikes.

I’m seeing on the waitlist thread that they’re saying all of their programs are full. Wondering what that means for transfers.

Does anyone know when CAS decisions will be released? Econ?

I know someone who already got in to CAS econ a week ago


CAS checklist disappeared

i am very confused. i thought the decisions were supposed to come out on a rolling basis up until the first of june, and i have still not heard. am i missing something?


I’m still waiting on a CAS decision. I check this threat pretty often cuz I have no clue when I’ll heard back.

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same but I have not heard yet

Do most of you have or not have the application checklist in your portals? Checklist disappearing seems to indicate that your decision will be released on the coming Monday. I applied for transfer to CAS and my checklist disappeared today.

Still have a checklist, Silver. On the Discord, tons of checklists disappeared today so looks like a big wave on Monday!

I believe someone on the discord called the admissions office and they said decisions will roll into mid June. Praying we hear something tomorrow but they might leave us hanging another week :sweat:

Lots of decisions today on the Discord. Anyone here hear today?

nothing for me

For anyone that was accepted did u get an update email after confirming enrollment and it says that anticipated graduation year is 2026???

I still haven’t even heard back yet :’)

I’m still waiting for my CAS decision