NYU Fall Transfer 2022

Hey guys! I didn’t see a thread for 2022 fall transfers yet so here we go. Good luck everyone


any stats would be cool :slight_smile:

My stats are ok… kinda on the fence but here we go
I am a junior transfer btw

Uni: Large state school in the south T-100
GPA: 3.6 w/ upward trend
SAT: 1350 (idk if I want to submit yet)
President/ founder of vegan club, organized a bunch of events, raised money…
Published article on Race and Healthcare in premed journal
1+ year of research in epidemiology (no pubs)
EMT Certification
~550 volunteer hours since HS started (a lot of non-clinical medical)
Program director of small non-profit aiding over 250 underrepresented students each year (3 yrs)
Summer mentor (through my own non-profit)
premed club member
random hs jobs?? Idk if this will be included

intended major:
Gallatin (don’t want to get too specific but basically epidemiology)

Feel free to share stats if u want- let’s try to make this thread as non-toxic as possible : )


Applying to CAS Data science from large T30 public uni in the south
Demographics: Asian male from foreign international HS in Asia
College GPA: 3.9
HS GPA: 3.6
SAT: 1500 (not sure if I’ll submit it)
Fundraising chair of Uni badminton club
Stats club member
Financial Engineering research workshop
Some less significant activities from HS

Honestly, I think my high school GPA and lack of ECs will hurt my chances alot :frowning:

Real nice. Good luck! What other schools are you applying to?

Are we required to submit a college report? I already submitted mine application and saw on my portal there is a button to submit college report, but it is not saying awaiting from the checklist.

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Hello everyone, I’m an applicant who is rejected by NYU CAS Math in Spring 2022 transfer.
I’m curious about the relationship between major applied to and the admission probability.
For the following majors, which of them are relatively easy(or difficult) to apply to?

  1. CAS Math 2. CAS CS+Math 3. CAS CS 4. CAS CS+DS 5. CAS DS
  2. Tandon Math 7. Tandon CS+Math 8. Tandon CS 9. CAS Econ 10.CAS CS+Econ
    Thank you!
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tandon is much easier than CAS

Thank you! I worked very hard haha. I’m applying to UNC, BU, Fordham, Colgate, UVA, and a few smaller liberal arts schools

hey guys, does submitting applications earlier help at all with admission?

no it does not.

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Anyone submitted their application yet?

i just applied for stern external transfer a couple of days ago

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oh nice! good luck! i’m getting some of my friends to review mine before i submit haha

Applying to CAS Econ from top 60 state university
CUM Gpa: 3.89
HS GPA: 3.6
SAT: Waived

ugh good luck guys it’s scary out hereeeeeeeeee

From previous years, does anyone know when CAS decisions for fall transfers start coming out? I’ve heard people get decisions as early as first week of April but that’s rare for CAS.

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guys i was wondering if there are some sort of confirmation on the application portal to show that everything’s complete or is it ok as long as the application checklist shows all the green check symbols? mine does not show anything, how about you guys?

Anyone submitted their application on April 1st just like me?

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yeah i did haha. I was stressing so much but i needed to make sure my application was perfect