NYU Fall Transfer 2022

here is a discord link

last year’s thread, someone complied dates of when some applicants got notified all the way back from fall 2018

Initially rejected RD Fall 2021
Applying to Tandon CS after one year from a four-year uni

College GPA: 3.81 first sem; 3.6/3.7 or so for midterm
HS GPA: 3.1 (very measurable upward trend, 3.8/4.0 or so during last year)
SAT: 1430 (not submitting); looking at tandon’s 2021 census, the average sat for cs was 1510 or so
LOR: One from English Prof I got close w/ and should be very good, and one from a Physics prof that is probably ok
Essays: Did not talk about finding a NASA organization or something, just some well-written and academically convincing essays.
ECS: just some clubs

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This is super helpful. Ive applied to CAS fr CS and I was worried decisions won’t come out until mid May.

is this only 2018?

nvm i can clearly see that

anybody else apply to gallatin as a junior transfer?

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I am!

Join the discord :slight_smile:

the link is invalid

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pls send the discord link again :frowning:

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I would really appreciate if someone can evaluate my chance for transferring into Tandon School of Engineering
My statistics
I am an international sophomore from a polytechnic school at new york state and apply for Tandon School of Engineering Fall Transfer (mechanical engineering)
My college GPA : 3.97/4.0 Unweighted with 55 credits. 16 credits are in progress. Only three courses taken are not science and engineering courses.
Two letter of recommendation
One is from my English Writing professor, the other is from my Thermodynamics course professor
My high school GPA : 3.4/4.0
My activities:
2 month mechanical engineer associate internship at first year summer break.
Mock business contest during first year college study.
electronic music club at high school
physics contest winner at high school

I apply for mechanical engineering major

Anyone get a result from CAS yet if you submitted ur application late Feb/early March?


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Nope, I submitted my app Feb 15th.

yeah i submitted mine february 10th, haven’t gotten anything

no one’s gotten anything yet, right?