NYU fin aid packages

<p>I'm a freshman looking to transfer to NYU CAS sophomore year. I applied for freshman year and the money was actually really good but my parents didn't want me to go. I know aid is less for transfer but what are some of the best packages you've seen?</p>

<p>Don't even bother wasting your time applying to NYU...they offer terrible financial aid for both freshmen AND transfers :/</p>

<p>Let me put this simply - I know people who got into NYU as transfers and they got loans - just loans. And they go to the schools they ended up going to for free.</p>

<p>I got into NYU for this semester right now as a transfer and was planning all summer on going. In addition to 5k in Pell grant and 5k in TAP, NYU only gave me 5k in scholarship, meaning I would have to take ~60k in loans for 2 years. Considering the current state of the economy, I decided in early August just to drop the idea and I just got accepted into Stony Brook for the spring (I'm taking a semester off right now...taking two classes at a local CC). </p>

<p>NYU is a great school but I really don't think it's worth it if you can't pay most of the tuition/housing with cash. If the application fee/time used filling out the application is negligible, I definitely think you should at least apply. Hell, maybe they'll give you a free ride (chances are probably 1/infinity but it's worth a shot).</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses guys. Does anyone know if Poly is better or worse?</p>

<p>Lol is this a joke, even the people on bigger merit scholarships have loans. Also, Poly is an engineering school, completely different field from CAS.</p>

<p>It's not a different field if you want to study math.</p>

<p>If I had to guess I would think that Poly is similar fin aid wise but I have no idea.</p>