NYU Financial Aid Access Not Available?

Hey everyone, I was recently accepted into NYU CAS, my top choice! I couldn’t be happier, but I was also very confused by the financial aid summary. It seems like everyone else can view financial estimates of their academic terms, and can view all the financial awards they received such as loans, scholarships, and financial aid. However, when I log into Albert I can’t see anything - it just says “award access not available.” It says to select the year I would like to view and even then I can’t select anything.

I was going to call the NYU office but they’re closed for today so I just wanted to know - Is this supposed to happen if I simply didn’t receive financial aid, and has this happened to anyone else? I completed the FAFSA on time and everything. I wasn’t expecting to receive anything, but it would be nice to get some closure and receive an estimate of how much it will cost to attend. Thank you!

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My daughter’s account says the same thing - any news on this?

Call the financial aid office. It means they need more info to process. I called yesterday.

I called today, and they said I didn’t get ANY aid. Don’t see why they’d accept me, if they know I can’t pay for it. Really glad I have a different option for my first choice

@ANerdfighter, NYU financial aid is provided on a LIMITED basis to international students. This is a fact that is well publicized by NYU. International students should know this when they apply; that said, NYU has had no trouble attracting international students willing to pay.

@prospect1 I know they’re need aware for intl. But that should mean that if they do accept you, they provide at least some aid. I mean, if I indicated that I can’t pay half that much, surely it’s obvious that with no aid I won’t attend. There’s no point admitting me, in that case. Imagine if this happened to smn who doesn’t have a better option? They’d get all excited, and then find out they can’t possibly attend.

That’s why you need to view the costs to attend before you apply.

They don’t have to provide aid if they accept you especially if you are international.

NYU is known for having some of the worst financial aid packages, and now you know why.

this happened to me! Can anyone help? Im not sure what it means. id sent css on time. :frowning: