NYU Financial aid !! URGENT

<p>I submitted the FAFSA to NYU on Feb.1 and it's not showing until now that I submitted it. did I do something wrong, and also I am a us citizen living in Egypt how do I submit my father's income tax returns and w-2 something? please help, deadline is just around the corner</p>

<p>Send an email to the Financial Aid office at NYU, and ask them if they have received everything yet. If they are missing some things, ask them how they want you to send them. They may say that it is OK to just scan everything and email the PDF files, or they might want a fax.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I think NYU is now requiring CSS Profile as well. Is that right?</p>

<p>Be careful. Not certain if NYU requires NCP info.</p>

<p>yeah, it requires CSS and non-custodial profile (only if parents are divorced or seperated)</p>

<p>Does anyone know if NYU is trying to do a better job with FA now that it's requiring CSS Profile?</p>

<p>In the past, it has been lousy with need-based aid....maybe all the bad press it's gotten has inspired it to come up with a better plan for aid???</p>

<p>The processing of financial aid has not been the problem. Using additional information available from the CSS profile will not mean that they are giving out more money. NYU's relatively low endowment is the problem. Additionally, they have a policy whereby they give the most aid to those students who they want the most. So, if they really want you, you may be surprised at the generosity of their package.</p>

<p>Can we just strike the term "NYU Financial Aid" from our vocabularies?</p>