NYU Gallatin, CAS and Liberal Studies, Fall 2021/ Class of 2025

Hello guys, just wanted to start a thread on these three colleges within NYU rather than Stern. I am international student and let’s state the obvious, stats, FA and scholarship within each school of NYU

So i had got into NYU Shanghi class of 2023 but couldn’t attend then. Now I am applying to NYU main campus and Abu dhabi as my second option.
CHANCE ME? Current NYU students, prospectives give me your thoughts, and others who have an opinion :slight_smile:
Applied to NYU Gallatin as my main option and then CAS, LS and GLS.
About my stats;
90% or 3.83 GPA
-A1 (95) for ECON, Business, Accounts and English
-B1 for Math
No SAT or ACT (test optional)
Took courses on Ed X and Coursera :

  • Corporate Law at Harvard, secured 93%
    -Entrepreneurship at Harvard, secured 90%
  • Doing 8 more online courses from U Penn, Stanford, NYU, Yale
    Work Experience:
    -Interned at 3 Corporate in Bangalore
    -Currently working at Walmart USA as Customer Rep for 45 hours a week, night shift(Paid).
    -Founding partner of a silver jewelry based business since 2019.
    -Got selected for Global Peace Summit 2020 Turkey- extremely selective as they accept only 200 applicants from the age group of 18-35 year old.
  • Won Best Delegate several times at National level under UNHRC.
    -Cultural Secretary at the school’s Student council
    -Community service in school, rotary club and at state level as well.
    -Dance and theater inter state winner.
    -Track and field, 1st for High Jump state level.
  • Campus Ambassador for various occasions including MUN.
    -Awarded as the Next Genius Scholar 2020, extremely selective as only 9% gets through.
    -Awarded as the Beloit College Scholar (Wisconsin), only 8 gets selected every year from India.
    Letter of Recommendation
  • Two of my favorite teacher and mostly got amazing LOR.
    -One from the school principal as well.

Ask yourself why do you want to attend Gallatin. As a current student the sales pitch sounds great if you are into Gender Studies, Poetry, Social Causes. But the reality is that the advising that they tout so much is haphazard at best. The advising is actually really bad compared to what my friends receive at Miami Of Ohio, Univ. Of Southern California, Colorado Boulder, etc. You can’t get the classes you want at the other schools at NYU because they go to the students of that college and you are left scrambling to take a hodgepodge of classes just to keep track to your credits.
If you have other options… seriously consider them. Your parents will be glad and better off financially.

Late reply but I’ve heard a similar experience with an alum friend of mine. I was just recently accepted into NYU Gallatin and I’m already looking at a potential internal transfer to stern (very hard but doable was how it was described to me) or CAS for Econ because of how hectic selecting classes seems to be. I’ve watched tons of Gallatin videos and talks by the Dean Wofford and she seems to explain how advising is a strong suit of Gallatin’s and how they don’t expect 18 year olds to know how to create a concentration but I’m not sure if they’re gonna help micromanage the exact spaces a class has left for students to take. Seems weird to say the least