NYU Gallatin or Wake Forest University

Heyy!! I just got into NYU Gallatin. I am stuck now because I really like Wake Forest University’s social life and smaller class size but also I know NYU is more prestigious and offers much more opportunity in nyc. Can someone provide some insights or suggestions about which one I should go?

What are the relative costs like for you? Do you need to compare aid packages? If so, run the numbers here: https://finaid.org/calculators/awardletteradvanced.phtml

You applied to both of these places for various reasons. What were they?

What do you want to study in college? Do you have a specific goal for that? If so, read the course descriptions and graduation requirements for your possible majors at the two websites. Look up the professors in the different departments and check their websites. Pop an email to each of the career centers, and ask where students with your potential major(s) find internships and jobs.

I don’t think “prestige” really comes into it here (USNWR ranks WF #27 and NYU #29, not much in it). They will be very different college experiences, though. (Don’t assume all NYU classes are big, though, that’s definitely not the case.) If by opportunity you mean internships and jobs, this is something you can talk to the Wake career center about. If cost is not a big consideration between the two, I personally think you should go where you think you’ll be happiest.

By the timing of this post I assume you committed to Wake but got off the NYU waitlist today? Do you have 3 days to decide?

go to NYU. I am transfering from wake to NYU. Unless you like a bubble where people only care about drinking.

NYU will definitely offer unusual and interesting experiences because of the NYC environment.

Wake Forest. You will actually have a degree worth something with a better ROI. Gallatin is a farce. Advisors are really bad unless you are in performance arts or some social cause that no company will pay you for.

NYU Gallatin, what what I understand is a very niche program. Make sure your goals match the curriculum offered at Gallatin. WFU’s college is a more traditional program, will provide you with a traditional liberal arts college curriculum.

OP posted the question in May and presumably chose between them months ago.

DId you receive any financial aid?