I recently got accepted into NYU GSAS’ International Relations MA (with a concentration in international law) and LSE’s Human Rights MSc. I’ve read that both schools are prestigious and overall considered highly. While the programs are different, they both cover and emphasize important topics within the field I am considering for my career - human rights investigation and advocacy on an international level. I am having trouble picking either of the programs because of which one would be best in the long term. It should be noted that I’m already from New York and have never visited London. Any kind of advice or guidance would help a bunch!

Where do you hope to work afterwards? In the US or Europe or elsewhere, for an international organization or law firm or… etc? I think internationally LSE will have the reputational edge for IR, although I am not familiar with the specific MSc you mention. If you plan to return to the US and work with a US based firm I don’t think there’s much in it and would choose the course that interests you more.

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