NYU HEOP Chances PLEASE HELP (chance back)

hey guys. I was wondering if you could give me an honest opinion on my chances of getting in through HEOP.

Major: Nursing

GPA : 92.2 W 91.5 UW

Rank: Top 20% ( Class of about 700)

SAT: 570 CR 600 M 620 W

ASPIRA (leadership program)
Drama Crew
Key Club
Student Government
Class Office
Vice President of French Club
Officer of English Honor Society
Social Studies Honor Society
Gender Equality Club

Essay: Dad’s Separation Leading to
independence, etc.

Strong Teacher Reccomendations

Hispanic Female
Brother is in the Military
Single Parent Household

I take mostly honors and college classes (except for math) and I have 60 hours of community service



HI I think you have a really good chance. Are you doing early decision?

@doraexplorer nooo, i hear it’s more competitive

Hey! i’m applying to Stern through HEOP.

Major: Finance

GPA : 87 Weighted- school only does weighted

Rank: Top 30% ( Class of about 900)

SAT: 580 CR 710 M 550 W

Unicef- 3 years
Red Cross- 4 years
Autism Speaks Vice President
President of JSA- best speaker at several events
Vice President of Marathon/Cycling Club
President of FBLA- won several district awards/ could not attend states due to financial restricitions.
Vice President Model UN
Accompany Company- 3 Years
Wrestling Team- 2 Years

Interned at:
A boutique real estate investment firm
Local construction company doing accounting
Tech Startup
Eco Friendly Solutions Company
JP Morgan
Currently Interning at Morgan Stanley
I also have my own non-profit, that provides education to impoverished neighborhoods in Pakistan. Currently filing for 501c3 Tax Exemption.

@ilovecollege1998 GPA is a bit low for stern but your EC’s seem to make up for that. I’d say you definitely have a chance from what you’ve told me. How’s your essay & recommendations??

I have gotten pretty positive feedback on my personal statement, and I am still working on the “Why NYU?” Essay.

As for recommendations-
English Teacher, developed a good relationship last year.
Pre-Calc Teacher, he really liked me and I excelled in his class
I’ve also gotten a rec from one of the people on my team from JP Morgan who went to Stern. He holds a high position within the team.

Hi, I’m applying through HEOP steinhardt. My stats are as follows: M: 670, V: 470 and W: 550. GPA: 95.06. Did anyone hear anything about information session yet?

I did early decision for NYU HEOP.

Sat-1650(470 Crit/650 math/530 writing)

I don’t know much about HEOP, but I know that the average CR+M for Stern is 1450 ish, and GPA is generally Top 20% ish.

For any NYU school your SAT is pretty low, though I’m not sure if apply to HEOP makes any difference. I think you could get in due to your EC’s and with a good essay, but I would make sure you have some safety schools if you don’t.
Also, I’m not entirely sure where you heard that Early Decision is more competitive – it’s a lot less competitive than applying regular decision because less people are willing to commit to a single school without having a chance to compare financial aid packages, so the applicant pool is smaller. ED isn’t for everyone obviously, but I just wanted to let you know that it’s not as competitive as RD. I applied to Tisch for film ED1 specifically because there is a smaller applicant pool and I know I want to attend NYU.

@16eforeman hey, HEOP is directed towards educationally disadvantaged students, so it would be okay to have lower SAT scores. I did end up applying early decision! thank you.