NYU! I am competitive enough?

<p>So I want to apply to NYU for business major. I'm white caucasian from California (dont know if thats important, with all the affirmative action stuff) I have a 3.6 unweighted GPA, full AP/IB course load, 2100 on SAT, 2 years Leadership Experience including serving ASB (student body) Secretary senior year, and 3 years of basketball at school. I want to know if I am competitve enough applicant for NYU? And, since I'm fairly new to the college arena, is NYU considered a good business school? I know that it isnt Ivy League status, but how prestigious is it, if at all? Any advice for both of these questions and my chances would be so much appreciated! Thanks</p>

<p>yea, you'll get in.</p>

<p>wrong place to post though. post this in the 'what are my chances' forum.</p>

<p>I have about the same stats and got in</p>

<p>when the results will come out?? I also applied to this school and have the similar stats</p>

<p>probably .</p>