Nyu international acceptances please post ur stats here

<p>Ok. Ive been looking through the whole CC and mostly the stats of colleges they accept to are comparable only to the local. Whereas, the international students, who speak different languages and attend different courses(IB, A LEVEL), may not have the same stats or the stats they have are very very difficult to compare.
Hence, I create this threads for international undergraduate at NYU to post their Stats so international CCers who are interested in attending NYU will have a better gauge at their perfomances.

Academic Honors:
Extracurricular activities:
Grades (GPA, IB/A level scores):
Work exp:

<p>I think there are very few international applicants to NYU because as far as I remember NYU has no fin.aid for int'ls.</p>

<p>"New York University is home to the second-highest number of international students in the U.S. with over **7,000 **international students and scholars from over 130 different countries. International students interested in studying at NYU, accepted students planning their trip to New York and international students who have arrived for their studies can turn to the Office for International Students and Scholars for guidance, services, advisement and programs."</p>

<p>International</a> Students and Scholars</p>

<p>Well i think there are over 7k of them in NYU</p>

<p>And you are right</p>

<p>"Unfortunately, financial aid assistance for international students is limited. Most financial aid will be at the graduate level and is often determined at the point of admission"</p>

<p>In other words there is no fin aid. But there are some who still enroll there.</p>