NYU Liberal Studies Core Program vs. GW Corcoran College of Arts and Design vs. Syracuse SI Newhouse

Which would be the best to pursue an undergraduate journalism major?

Syracuse Newhouse, hands down!
It’s one of the most respected for journalism…
However it’s often very expensive, so how does it compare to the others? Is it within budget for your parents?

Yes, I have means of paying for all of them but Syracuse and gw are both giving me upwards of 20,000. I’m just wondering which would give me the most of my education and opportunities/internships

Don’t look at how much they give you, look at your net price.
You find net price by subtracting the total of grants and scholarships (but not loans) from your direct costs IE., tuition, room and board .
Can you post that here ?

NYU net price 68,000
GW net price 54,000
Syracuse net price 49,000

But like I said, money is not a deciding factor for me. I really just want to know how the programs compete with each other since from my research, they’re all kind of on the same wavelength for me.

Syracuse Newhouse is the best for journalism AND it’s the cheapest! Wow, excellent deal and easy decision.

All three have excellent programs and pros and cons; the main con of Syracuse is that it’s in upstate New York, have bad winter weather, and is known to be a party school. However, this isn’t a con for everyone. GW’s main con is that it has a very urban campus different from the traditional campus, same as NYU (but again, those aren’t cons for everyone). All three have good journalism programs, but Syracuse is probably the best of the three (NYU and GWU offer close proximity to internships, however, but Syracuse students also have excellent internship opportunities).

^ the issue is that OP is NOT in journalism either at gwu (art) or nyu (special 'core’program ). Neither is as good as Newhouse, either directly for the subject that interests OP, or in terms of networking.

Well for NYU with the core program, they would transfer into one of the undergrad programs their junior year (so journalism then) and GWU would be fine if they’re interested in the digital media art aspect of journalism. But yeah, if they just want straight up journalism freshman year, then Syracuse would be the best.

Do you think it’d be worth it to go to nyu and wait two years for their journalism program? Because it’s been my top choice for a while and I’m afraid Syracuse wouldn’t look as good on a resume.

And gw’s art program has a major in photojournalism

Do you want to do photojournalism ? Because it’s a very specific branch of journalism.
As for 'looking good on your resume '= You got into NEWHOUSE. Do you realize how awesome (as in: awe inducing) that name is in your field ? Certainly better than Nyu 's 2year program (which pegs you as not quite cutting it). Attend Syracuse. Do great. Intern in NYC . You’ll have the best of both worlds.

And there would be the same opportunities as if I were living in NYC?

And yes, my main interest is photojournalism

Yes, because with the money saved you could take on a lot of assignements you couldn’t while living in NYC. Your #1 goal should be to work for the campus paper and use your study abroad or study away or summer time to cover a topic of interest (or, even if not of interest, that you’v studied in class and written a paper about, so that you know how to look and what to look at/for - all the thinking that goes with photojournalism.) Work at the campus paper + Newhouse connections + interesting, original work = lots of opportunities.
In any case you wouldn’t have any opportunities for your full two years at NYU. You’d be a Liberal Core student.
Note: no matter what you choose, add a minor in something that will give you some academic insight into a field- especially technical- or a region of the world or a part of American society (environmental studies/science, technology, and society/development economics/urban studies/women’s studies…)