NYU Meyers ED 1 (2025)

A forum for hs seniors applying to nyu meyers class of 2025 for ED I. Share stats, thoughts, info, nervous breakdowns, etc lol. There isn’t much on the internet about Meyers so I just wanted a place for us!

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we’re back!
for all the new people, i’m applying to gph+nursing at meyers. quick stats:

3.64 uw (eek not lovely but my school is rly competitive, if that matters), 3.94 weighted
34 act
no rank at school,
took 3 ap’s before senior year (after senior year i’ll have taken 11)
pretty good ec’s surrounding my interest (debate, 2 medical related internships, tutoring/volunteering for underserved communities)
essays were about an 8.5/10, recs should be pretty good as well

freaking out! we have less than 2 weeks, hoping for the best :))

Hey again!! You have a decent chance! I hope we get in and can meet up!! Heres my states: 3.8 UW/4.0 W. Top 18%. No SATs/ACTs since all got cancelled near me. Took 5 aps (max in my school). ECs: karate, undergrad research program, have a job at doctors office, nhs, cpr certified and some other small ones. Essays and recs I’d give strong 8.5/10 but you never know lol

I wish there was more info for nursing!! I feel like they forget us all the time!

aw it would be so cool if we all got in and hung out in new york!

i think you have a pretty good chance too, your ec’s look really good and your stats look fine as well. i was able to find some really contradictory info online abt nursing… some people said it was super hard to get in and others said it was one of the easiest schools at nyu and almost acts like a “backdoor” of sorts? i’m really not sure why there’s such a limited info bank online but i guess we’ll know when decisions come out ahh

I really don’t think it’s easy to get in since all NYU schools are really competitive especially now that their acceptance rate keeps going down. An AO told me across all schools it was 15% for co2024 but I think she meant overall.

Everyone knows only ~60 people get into nursing every year but no one knows if it’s because no one applies or if it’s extremely competitive. Meyers seems to keep things on the DL lol

that’s what i thought too! the acceptance rate went from like 20 to 15 last year and i’m scared it’ll go down to 10 this year :((

it also seems kind of unbelievable that so few people apply (400 according to the 15%), so it might just be really selective. there’s BARELY any info published too so this is just pure speculation

Yea I highly doubt only 400 people apply :sob: But I guess we’ll never know lol. I just hope we get in bc no matter if its hard or easy to get in, its a great ass school

strongly manifesting an acceptance for everyone!!!


Wow do you think we’re the only 2 on here that applied to Meyers lmao

HAHAHA not sure bc it looks like people are viewing the thread but not responding??? the other thread a year or two ago only had like 3-4 people as well so maybe it’s just a trend LOL

Lol don’t be shy guys. And yeah many people don’t apply to Meyers I don’t know why

everybody viewing, please respond we’re lonely here :(((

i think maybe people just don’t want to pay like 80k for a nursing degree tbh

Thats true… there’s so many nursing programs everywhere but I guess its better for us :joy: The less people apply, the more scholarship money we can get lol

righttttt argh i hope i get some type of aid bc otherwise i’ll be drowning in debt but idk if i qualify for any :(((

Same :((( but I am low-income so we’ll see. You could get merit!

i think a p big portion of low-income students get aid from nyu so you’ll probably get some or maybe a full ride! also there’s mlk scholars too! i’m praying for some merit aid but my gpa might screw that up so we’ll have to wait i guess ahhh

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Ugh do you think the MLK results will come out before actual decisions bc that’s how it was for RD last year but idk if its different for ED… I haven’t heard anyone getting it in ED so :confused: NYU is just a hit or miss with aid lol

i haven’t seen anyone get in in general, not just ed so i genuinely have no idea. nyu aid is so on and off i see a couple of full rides here and there and other people getting absolutely none; i’m really not even sure how they determine how much aid you’re getting or who’s getting it besides low income vs middle vs high. the only guarantee is that if you get into mlk, you get like around 45k i believe but that’s it

There are a lot of posts about the MLK scholars on reddit but yea Im just hoping Meyers gives a lot of aid. A couple of low-income students from my school go there so Im assuming they do give aid since there’s way less students. I also do know Meyers as a lot more scholarships once you’re actually a student there so don’t lose hope :slight_smile:

oh wow i didn’t see them i’m going to go read them right now haha
also woah i didn’t know that nyu gave scholarships after you become a student so there’s some hope for my bank account to not run dry lol