nyu mlk scholars

hey yall do you guys know when the nyu mlk scholars decisons will be released i applied ed1, and submitted the essay due on nov 25th and idk if they’ll come out by dec or i have to wait until rd comes out

also anyone currently/previously in the program have any insight, please share :slight_smile:

hi! i’m applying ed1 as well! i believe they come with the decision letter by december, but i might be wrong.

I am equally confused about MLK essay :confused:

Are international students eligible for MLK scholars? Please respond.

i would think it is because you are considered for the scholarship when you apply. the essay is optional tho i just chose to do it, some people who have got it in the past didnt write an essay so i guess it depends.

hey, do you know the essay prompt for the mlk scholars program?

How does this program work?