Nyu/ nyu - poly

<p>I applied RD to NYU. If that doesnt work out, I want to go to NYU-Poly.
Many times NYU sends strong applicants to NYU poly. Should I bother applying to NYU poly and doing the app? (craploads of supplements) or should i just wait for NYU to send me there.</p>

<p>The only dilemma is I declared my major at NYU to be neuroscience. NYU poly does not offer that, instead i would do biological sciences. Would they just transfer me to NYU poly undeclared and have my decide? or flat out reject me.</p>

<p>Sorry.. so many questions!</p>

<p>Bump! Please help :(</p>

<p>There is an option on the NYU supplement that allows you to be referred to NYU-Poly if you do not get into your main NYU school. If you check yes to this, and NYU does not accept you, they will send your application over to NYU-Poly.</p>

<p>is this jacky?</p>

<p>How did you know o.o…?</p>

<p>I have applied to NYU CAS for the Computer Science and Electrical Enginnering Dual Degree with NYU-POly. And also applied to NYU-poly direclty for Electrical and Computer Engineering as well.By applying to NYU poly directly i believe you have a better chance for scholarships.</p>

<p>boooo. alright, i guess ill apply when i have time.
Might as well, i have a fee waiver… I just dont wanna do those essays x)
Senioritis is kicking in already.</p>

<p>thank you for the reply though, i appreciate the help.</p>