NYU on Wall Street?

<p>Is NYU as well represented on Wall Street as counterparts like Penn, Columbia, Duke etc.?</p>

<p>Wall Street is perhaps just one of the stereotypical parameters for measurement of employment. What I want to know if an Accounting/Finance major at Stern or an Econ major at the College be a good investment for a carer in IBanking/Consultancy?</p>

<p>This might sound like a silly question to you guys since NYU is in the same city and Wall Street and thus employment rates should (ideally) be the highest. But I'm an international and possess minimal knowledge.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>Yes, we are very well represented on the street. Stern much more so than CAS, as CAS Econ kids tend to get more non wall street corporate jobs, ie accountant at Fox, Financial Analyst for Pizza Hut, etc.<br>
Stern kids get a lot of iBanking, although they are still incredibly difficult to get. We get a lot of people into consulting, as well as S&T. Also, middle office jobs such as operations and to a certain extent marketing on wall street attract a lot of sternies. We get a lot of people into the Big 4, as well as top marketing firms (Nielsen, Ogilvy, etc.).</p>

<p>So yea, we usually end up on Wall Street or somewhere in Manhattan.</p>

<p>I worked on Wall Street, the actual street, for the summer. My friend who worked at Barclay Capital told me that Stern is very well represented in the company. Obviously, there are people from Ivies, MIT, Stanford, etc. But the majority of the interns there were from Wharton and Stern.</p>

<p>Stern is not as well represented in consulting, in fact MBB (Top 3 conslting firms) do not recruit at Stern lol.</p>

<p>However in banking and finance, every single bank recruits there. But do keep in mind that there are about 600 stern students per batch so despite the large amount of opportunities the competition is fierce.</p>

<p>I would like to note that if you're not in Stern, you still certainly have a terrific shot at getting ANY job on Wall Street.</p>

<p>uh, I know for a fact at least one senior last year got BCG. Dont know who else got good offers, but I am pretty sure a few people got some pretty ridiculous consulting gigs.</p>