NYU regular decision class of 2024!

Hey everybody, just thought I’d create a discussion page for us NYU class of 2024 prospective applicants! If people wanted to post their stats they applied with, or stats of those they know who were accepted (or past accepted applicants please post your stats too!), that would be great. We can also discuss deadlines, MLK scholarship, etc.

also, could anyone chance me?
UW GPA: 4.8 W GPA: 4.4
SAT: 1390 ACT: 31
lots of community service (especially last two years), extracurriculars, some minor awards
applied CAS

Good luck everyone!

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update: I mean UW GPA was 3.8 not 4.8 lol

I’m currently wondering if I should consider ED2 for Steinhardt for Global Public Health. Does anyone have any suggestions? My stats aren’t very good…

Hi! Ive applied rd to CAS. im so nervous because this is my dream school but my stats are low for NYU. wgpa 3.9 sat 1280. I was gonna apply ed 2 but I decided not to because it is really out of my price range. good luck to everyone tho!!!

@booknerd00 I’m in the same situation as you! NYU is my dream school too and I would’ve applied ED but didn’t only because it NYU’s insane cost of attendance… good luck!


@zyy20011016 Hi! I have similar stats to dreamingnyc, except I’m applying to Steinhardt. Could you tell me what makes NYU a reach school for them? I’m thinking the SAT/ACT score… what else?

It’s not clear who the “reach” comment was aimed at. Dreamingnyc’s stats are in range for NYU, somewhat towards the lower half of the middle 50 but not low enough that it’s necessarily a reach; I suspect ECs, recs and essays will count a lot in this kind of case.
I think the “reach” comment might have been aimed at the person who had a 1280 SAT.

@SJ2727 thank you so much! I guess I was a little confused when I read their comment.

How difficult is it to get in RD? I don’t want to have the binding agreement in ED2 but I would still really like to get in RD

@do2020, significantly harder than ED. Based on the data released via press statements I’d estimate ED admits were around 28% (around 4K offers from ~14k applicants) and RD around 11% (around 8k offers from ~70k applicants), for last year.

Is everyone here submitting 2 letters of recommendation? I only have 1 submitted since that’s the requirement, but I was wondering if 2 would significantly improve my chances

@Lyrinia my daughter got an offer with one LoR last year.

Applying RD to NYUAD and NYUSH. Would have applied ED II to NYUAD, but the potential cost made me reconsider.

4.0 GPA (UW)/ 4.694 (W)
1430 SAT (760ebrw/670math)
45 hours dual-enrollment college credit
rigorous classes
Graduated high school at age 15 (I’m now 16.)
For gap year, currently on merit-based study-abroad program for academic year in Taiwan. Program sponsored by U.S. Department of State.
Lots of ECs
Science Fair 1st place - school/region
ESU Shakespeare Monologues competition regional semifinalist (twice)
Extensive background in Shakespearean theater

Although my second-language is Mandarin, I’m very interested in the NYU Abu Dhabi program, much more than the Shanghai program.

Would love to hear from any current students or alumni from the NYUAD program.

Also forgot to mention, my strongest point academically tends to be my writing, so I feel pretty good about my common app essay and why NYU essay. Also, my letter of recommendation is a teacher who knows me super well in and out of the classroom, so it should be excellent. Hoping this gives me a leg up for my average stats for NYU…

@GhostOfBanquo I don’t know anything specifically about NYUAD, but I travelled to the UAE and did a day in Abu Dhabi and it is AMAZING. The city is incredible, the people are so nice, and it is one of the safest places in the world. I almost applied NYUAD as second campus of interest, it’s just so far so I didn’t. Also, I did lots of research on it, and nearly every student gets a full scholarship, or at least partial.

@Lyrinia I heard NYU doesn’t look at letters of rec past the required one. Idk though if that’s true, but it seems to be widely suggested

NYUAD sounds amazing but I read online that their acceptance rates are about 2%. Harder than HARVARD! I think it may be because of its proximity to India… not entirely sure tho. Good luck to all of you!

@dreamingnyc , that’s not true according to what NYU told us during their info session, but at the same they did warn against sending in too many letters of rec. They said that they will read everything you send, but that past the first one or two letters of rec you are unlikely to be adding anything of value if you choose your recommenders properly. They specifically warned against situations where you may end up with a worse impression - if your first rec is good but the second is mediocre, “we can’t unsee the bad one”.

@dreamingnyc - NYUAD is an exceptional international school. I’ve also read so many good things about it, but I hope I can get some first-hand information. UAE and NYU have invested a lot of money into NYUAD, and it’s paying off. I would be so stoked if I got accepted!