NYU SAT Scores?

<p>Hi. I am an International student applying to NYU and I was wondering if they wanted all the SAT Reasoning Test scores or just the highest ones?</p>

<p>Also, if I they accept the January SAT Testing Scores?</p>

<p>It used to be that all your SAT scores were sent and they judged you based on your highest scores. So you don't necessarily have to send all of your scores, but it probably won't hurt you if you sent all. </p>

<p>They will accept January test scores if you get them in time, I'm sure.</p>

<p>Yes NYU superscores</p>

<p>Yes, NYU superscores. But as for the January scores, I called and asked and they told me no for ED 2 but they will accept for RD. ED2 decisions are Feb 15, before the January scores come out.</p>