NYU Scholarships - Regular Decision

hi all,

I applied to new york university’s tisch school of the arts under regular decision for fall of this year. I know that big scholarship decisions like the MLK and dean scholarships have already been released and the recipients have received acceptances/emails. I was wondering if there are any other scholarships like those (merit) that are given to applicants at the same time as when regular decisions are released? sadly, a lot of the scholarships that i see i am not in the running for (i am not first generation, i don’t live in new york, etc, etc)

I have wanted to attend nyu for as long as I can remember, but if they give me no aid, I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend :frowning:


Yes there are many other scholarships that go out. You can see some of the available ones at this website:


However, even though many other scholarships are given out (both the ones on the website and other smaller ones), you are likely not going to get one unless they really want you or you qualify with both financial need and merit. In other words, don’t expect to receive any merit aid or grants, but if you do it will be a nice surprise.

@getaclucy I was looking through past forums, and one applicant said they were admitted with a regular “Tisch scholarship.” It wasn’t any of the scholarships listed on that page. Is it true that you can receive scholarships besides the ones listed with the fancy names?? hahah
so basically, if you get admitted, you can receive money (not necessarily an “award”)

and yea I know scholarships are extreeeemely rare, which is why I’m not relying on this, but was just wondering!

Yes it is. The scholarships they list on the website on just some of them, so it is very possible you will get a scholarship that they haven’t listed on the website. You can definitely receive gift aid without it having some fancy name.

Tisch Scholarships are financial aid. If you don’t have financial need, they will not be available to you. For those who need financial aid, the amount of the Tisch Scholarship can be more or less (depending on how much they want you to attend.) So there is that “merit” component, but it is not true merit aid available to all students.

@lillian223 The MLK scholarship is the only large NYU scholarship given out to students without regard to need. Unfortunately Tisch does not award additional merit scholarships. You will notice they are not listed on the page linked above. But if you have SOME financial need, you would be considered for scholarships from Tisch that will be based on both your need and how much they want you. But if your EFC is above the cost of attendance, then you will not get any $ from Tisch.

Steinhardt does offer music and art students merit aid to RD students (no need required), but not Tisch.

@uskoolfish thanks so much, that was all really helpful! also, if on your FAFSA, you put down that parents can pay $65,000 for college, that basically is asking for no financial aid right? I didn’t put that down, someone else I know did but they’re still hoping for financial aid so I was just confused.

I think it’s the CSS Profile and not the FAFSA that asks how much you think your family can contribute. Either way, it’s more important what NYU thinks you can pay based on all the info they get in both forms. If they think you can pay $30,000, they might give you enough aid to go for $30,000; or they might only give enough so that it costs $40,000 or $50,000. They don’t promise to meet full need.

That said, they definitely could decide not to give any aid to someone who wrote $65,000 on a form, not matter what the figures came out to. Unless that person you know has a Profile that makes it clear their family can easily pay more than $65,000, it wasn’t a good idea to write $65,000 on the form. It might be a bad idea in any case.