Hi, I’ve already sent my ED application to NYU. Should i yet apply for the merit based scholarships (AnBryce Scholarships) or does it reduce my chances of getting in? (I’m an international student)

NYU is known for having poor financial aid. They don’t guarantee to meet full need. If you’re applying ED, that means you can’t apply to other universities to find out what they’re going to give you, if anything.
If you’re accepted, and can’t afford to go there, what’s the point of applying to NYU ED?

Note: you CAN apply to as many other universities as you wish (early action, rolling admission, or regular decision) however if admitted with sufficient financial aid you’ll have to attend NYU and if you apply ED they don’t have any incentive to attract you with a scholarship.
Can you afford NYU full price?

Just an FYI on this, I know this is a common perception, but my daughter says the reality at NYU seems to be that the early decision applicants actually get better aid than the RD ones. That said, they still don’t meet full need and it is very rare to get full or near-full funding.

Did you put on the application that you are applying for aid? International applicants are assessed on a need-aware basis.

How do you apply for scholarships at NYU? Is there a separate website? I haven’t been able to find anything.

This page lists the types, and tells you which ones you are automatically considered for and which you have to apply for. https://www.nyu.edu/admissions/financial-aid-and-scholarships/applying-and-planning-for-undergraduate-aid/scholarships-and-grants.html , including the link to https://www.nyu.edu/admissions/undergraduate-admissions/aid-and-costs/scholarships.html

I’ve already sent my apps, but not applied for financial aid/scholarships because I thought it will reduce my chances. We can pay for it and I don’t want it to reduce my chance, but if I could get a scholarship i’d like to apply


Merit scholarships aren’t related to need based aid and as such don’t impact admission decisions.

Hey I was just admitted to NYU CAS EDII just two days ago! Does anyone know how and when they let you know if you are a Presidential Honors Scholar or not? When do we find out (or was it supposed to have been on my acceptance letter and I just didn’t get invited…) I’m just trying to know If I got in or not…
Any info on the whole system would be greatly appreciated!! (Also I’m an MLK Scholar so does that exclude me from also being a Presidential Honors Scholar too?) Thank you!!

Does NYU always offer ED admits less compared to RD?

No, that is a fallacy.