NYU Senior - Profile Evaluation for Grad School

Master of Business Analytics

I am currently an international senior studying Economics & Mathematics with Business studies minor at NYU and my current overall GPA is 3.7, but my major GPA is quite low as in 3.5-ish. My GRE is 315 but will be taking it again for the last time.

In terms of my resume, I have a big-name consulting firm as my latest experience and three other experiences in equity research, marketing, and consulting. Not many club experiences though, just the usual Economics Society and Consulting-related ones.

I took only two programming classes and all got a B+ in them. What are some Master of Business Analytics grad schools do y’all suggest I apply for? I am thinking about USC MSBA, Columbia MSBA, UCLA MSBA, and UCB Master of Analytics, but worried that my GRE will put me at a disadvantage. Really wanted to stay in New York, so I may also consider Columbia Applied Analytics and Columbia MSOR (heard that its easier to get in than MSBA).

Let me know your thoughts!