NYU Spring 2021 Transfer

I just navigate the Albert but no much information there. But according to previous forum, we should keep checking both system for updates.

Are they reviewing applications yet? I just had some of my stuff removed and not be considered for the application process.

Any econ student here?

Do you think they will release first wave decisions today? It seems like they always release on Friday. The next Friday is 20th, which may be a little late compared to previous years

Guys Please post any changes on housing portal/Albert/applicant portal!

nothing changed for me

I thought they release in Dec?

I just called them, they still need to review my app

Not sure whether they will release today. Anyone has a portal changed?

I just got accepted to Spring 2021 STS

no update… r they releasing admissions today? has anyone heard back?

i got my admission result today

ayeee congrats !!!

econ admitted. good luck guys:D

I have applied for CAS Econ too

ahh i got in today! cas econ :slight_smile:

congratulations!!! those of you who got in can you share your stats ?

36act/4.0 college gpa!

stats from people who got in?

When did u all submit the application