NYU Spring 2021 Transfer

Hello guys, recently I have applied to NYU for undergraduate admissions. I was rejected and will be a freshman in the fall. However, I’m not not giving up and wanted to try to transfer. Can someone talk to me about their process if they had transferred before and when I should begin my application. Just need some advice. Thank you!

I will be applying for transfer for Spring 2021 as well!

hey guys! I’m applying to transfer from a california cc. would you guys mind posting your stats/program you’re applying to/any other info? super excited and apprehensive about this process!

I am applying for cas econ.

Hello! I am applying for Spring 2021 Transfer as well!

Hey everyone I am also applying to transfer for Spring 2021! I am a freshman btw haha.

I’m applying for Spring 21 as well from a Florida CC.

“Native American”

3.55 GPA
3x Deans List (out of 4 semesters, other semester I got all As but didn’t meet the credit requirement)
No standardised testing submitted
Honors program
founded and president of an LGBT+ club (reference from advisor)
Diversity Council
Level 2 in Krav Maga (reference from instructor)
Ballet (reference from her as well)

I also think my essay was pretty good.

Are they still doing decisions on Fridays, I wonder?

Did anyone send college transcripts to NYU thru national clearing house ?

hey guys I applied to NYU CAS computer and data science for spring 2021. did anyone hear back yet? I know it’s only been a week…

Did you check NYU housing portal? Mine showed 2021 spring with Washington DC site

Yea mine does also. I think it says that for everyone.

They say decisions come back late November/early December. Came from two different people.

Ahhh… I see I see… so anxious to hear back

I want to hear back!! I applied to Steinhardt.

Fewer posts than last year’s spring transfer. What do you guys think about the COVID-19 influence on transfer(especially international). I am apply to Data Sci in CAS and I submitted on Nov.1.

Im not sure… if many people dropped out or decided to take a gap because of COVID then I guess we might be luckier but also it depends on the volume of freshman applicants so…JHRGKTL

What are your stats? @Elleman

Especially since so many idiots got kicked out for partying. On top of that, the kitchen not feeding ppl properly and they raised tuition (on top of keeping you locked in your dorm for social distancing) so I would imagine people left. Heres hoping.

Do anyone know what Albert is? My application portal is on “connect.nyu.edu” and it only has checklist and upload materials windows. I am not sure whether this is Albert portal they used last year.

Will share my stats after admission decision released lol. Overall, it is GPA 3.7 with few EC and two recommandations.

Albert is the student portal. The application portal is separate.