NYU Spring Transfer 2021

I applied to NYU ED1 last year but due to personal circumstances, my grades fell and I was rejected. I ended up going to another liberal arts college in upstate New York, but I’m really not happy here and I really think I belong in NYU.

I made this forum for all of us to talk about our experience with transferring and maybe some people could offer advice and we could all share our decisions!!

I also have some questions so if anyone could answer them that would be really helpful.

  1. Basically I just want to know my chances of getting in based on my situation.
  • I went to a private international school in Hong Kong for high school, a lot of people from my school get accepted to NYU.
    • I applied in high school for ED1, but got rejected because my grades were so low.
  • The college I ended up going to is a pretty good liberal arts school.
  • My SAT scores were not the best because I couldn't study, so I got a 1380.
  • I took four AP's. I got a 3 on the one AP I took in Junior Year, and I got a 4, 5, 5, on the three AP's I took in senior year.
  • I'm just finishing my first semester of Freshman year, and I already know that this school is just not right for me.
  • My grades are still not the best but it's a drastic improvement from high school. I still don't have a GPA, but I'm guessing it would be at least above a 3.7. I mean not the best but still a lot better than my high school GPA which was around 2.8 (lol xd but like totally understandable for my situation.)
  • I haven't wrote my essays but I'm a good writer so I know I'll be able to write a good essay that can clearly explain my situation.
  1. I just wanted to know if NYU accepts freshman transfers? I think they do, but I found on an external website that you need at least 16 credits to transfer, but I don't see that anywhere on the NYU website.