NYU Spring Transfer 2022

I didn’t see any thread for NYU 2022 Spring transfers, so I decided to create one. I know it’s a little early but it would help if we could start this discussion a little earlier.


hiii also transfer student spring 2022 have u started your application?

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Hiii. I have not yet started. However, I am going to start in a few days once I have done a little research

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Started my app today. Good luck everyone!

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recently started my app as well

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anyone apply to CAS Data science?

Hey! I made a discord for all 2022 transfers to communicate (mostly fall but it helps having spring applicants for advice) if you guys want to join! We have a bunch of different chat rooms for different schools! (I also plan on applying to NYU for fall 2022) Fall 2022 Transfers

hey! can i join the group chat?

Hey! I’d like to join as well

how do I join?

it said that the link is invalid

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Hi I applied NYU 2022 spring transfer too. What major did u guys apply?