(NYU) Steinhardt to Stern/CAS

<p>Hello, guys-
I am currently a freshman student in Steinhardt, majoring in Teaching Mathematics.
I have always loved learning math so I applied this department.
However, these days, I am attracted to business-related majors. (Such as econ)
I am currently thinking about an internal transfer to Stern or CAS next year.
I heard that internal transfer to Stern is dam* hard.
Should I just apply CAS and study econ or math or something?
I think I can manage to maintain 3.8-3.9 GPA until next semester.
I had about 2000 on SAT and didn't take any SAT II's.
Had about 3.7 GPA in highschool.
What do you think? IMPOSSIBLE to Stern? LOL XP</p>