NYU - Stern Business School / Tisch / Gallatin / CAS Chances?

<p>Hey everyone, I am looking to apply to the Stern Business School or Gallatin or Tisch or CAS. Here is what I have. I am looking to do EDII or Regular Decision. However financial aid is a major factor. Which school do you think I should apply to and receive the most financial aid? THANKS!</p>

<p>Academics Stats:
GPA: 3.44 (this can improve my senior year)
ACT: 27 (this can improve too)</p>

Founder and head of Film Club
Co-President of the Fine Arts Association
Model United Nations Member - (my resolution at the NHSMUN was passed and presented to the UN)
Economics For Leaders Member / Participant at Emory University
Marist Summer Pre-College Business Program (awarded scholarship to attend this program and earned 3 college credits)
Job (which I had for 4 years)
Owner of a movie review website
New Jersey Festival of Ballooning Volunteer for 4 years
NYRA Representative for my school
Junior Achievement Member
MY schools PALS Program (I help incoming freshman to my school)</p>

<p>Common App:
VERY VERY STRONG teacher recommendations

<p>Also, I am Native American and I have documentation to prove it.</p>