NYU Stern, CAS

<p>Hi, I'm currently a junior in high school wondering how the admissions process works for NYU; anyone who knows, please feel free to respond.</p>

<p>That being said, I'm wondering about these possibilities: If I get rejected by NYU Stern in ED, can I re-apply to Stern or CAS in RD - or am I out of the race for NYU for good? Also, can I apply to more than 1 school? (I heard it was only 1 school, but I wanted to double-check).</p>

<p>Thanks for the help.</p>

<p>You cannot reapply.
Early decision applicants get accepted or rejected.
You can only apply to one school.</p>

<p>So, how about Early Admissions applicants? If they are not deferred nor accepted (meaning, they are rejected), can they re-apply?</p>


<p>You can't apply RD if you don't get in ED.</p>

<p>From the NYU application:</p>

<p>"We believe that part of our commitment to Early Decision applicants is
an “early” decision, and we either admit or deny Early Decision candidates.
Please note that Early Decision applicants who are denied admission may
not reapply as Regular Decision applicants."</p>