NYU Stern Chances ED

<p>I applied to NYU Stern early...tell me what you think of my chances.</p>

<p>SAT: 780 Math 720 Verbal (1500); highest of 3 times( got mid 1400's in others)
SAT II: 750 math IIC; 700 WRiting, 700 Biology-E; 730 History
AP: 5 AP Lang/Composition; 4 US History</p>

<p>GPA: weighted(5.2)
Rank: unknown( at least top 10%) My high school J.P. Stevens is one of the top public schools in NJ.</p>

2005 National Merit Seminfinalist(227 score) will found out later if im a finalist.
BRIDGES(tutoring program)- head tutor all 4 years.
UNITY- secretary for 3 years; raised money for abortion causes
Key Club- member for 3 years
Volunteered at the Veterans Home for nearly 300 hours
Volunteered at JFK Hospital for nearly 150 hours
Editor in chief of Veterans HOme Newspaper for 3 years
Staff writer....for 3 years
Spanish Honors Society
Stock Club( all 4 years)
Morgan Stanley Scholarship award winner
Morgan Stanley internship for nearly 2 years</p>

<p>Thats about it....these are the activities most important to me. My recs. should be good and my essay reveals something about me that wasnt in the app( how my dad and I do handiwork "prjects" together; we built an extension to our house, etc...) I would really appreciate it if you tell me of my chances at ED at NYU Stern. Thanks alot.</p>

<p>anyone want to comment? please.</p>

<p>I think you have a great chance. Your academics are solid and ur extracurriculars show a lot of commitment. I think Stern would find the Morgan Stanley internship especially interesting. Good luck... i know some people at Stern if you want to know anything else. Can you do me a favor and rate my chances? The post is "Chances for Stern RD." Thanks.</p>

<p>thanks for the comment bigjake; anyone else want to help?</p>

<p>wow u kick my ass and my guidance counselor said i should be a shoe in lol</p>

<p>kingz, how did you land that internship at Morgan Stanley? I am trying hard to get an internship at an investment firm/brokerage, but so far have had no luck.</p>

<p>nyer03....i had an internship at a major financial company as well. it's all about connections...ask your friends if their parents work at any of these places</p>

<p>what do you do exactly as an intern... can you count it as a extra curricular?</p>

<p>in the nyu app...they have a section for work experience, internships, etc. So i put it in there. We did some pretty unbelievable stuff as interns and i learned alot about marketing, mutual bonds, conducting business conf, management, oratory skills, etc.</p>


<p>I believe you mean "mutual funds" and not "mutual bonds". Mutual funds pool money to invest in securities (be they stocks or bonds). Don't get that wrong on the b-school app.</p>