NYU Stern chances?

<p>I was extremely idle my first two years of high school, not recognizing the importance of school and extracurriculars, I started off my junior year with a 1.5 GPA. Since then I'm approaching senior year with a 3.3 GPA which will soon be brought up to a 3.5 GPA</p>

<p>I want to major in Marketing or Business Admin. & minor in Art History.
After redoing all of my first two years
9th: 3.14 GPA
10th: 3.3 GPA
11th: 3.6 GPA
12: ?</p>

<p>I started ECs late:
11th & 12th Model UN: Participant
12th Young Democrats Club: President
11th & 12th Thespians: Participant
11th & 12th Leo's Club: Participant
I participated in school plays & musicals very heavily
10th 11th & 12th: Yoga Club: Participant </p>

<p>I did around 100 hours of community service
In part with Leo's Club, in other part with my local Humane Society, and in other part with fundraising for school cubs. </p>

<p>SAT scores
650M 760R 760W</p>

29 </p>

<p>I've already locked in a few recommendation letters, with teachers who can vouch for my change this year. -</p>

<p>AP Courses
Government & Economics: Score: 4
English IV
Comparative Government </p>

<p>Should I give up? I want to apply Early Decision.</p>

<p>NYU Stern ED: High match</p>

<p>Try to raise math score to 700. It is a little low.</p>

<p>I’ll keep that in mind as I retake it again in June :)</p>