NYU Stern, CMU, WUSTL, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Notre Dame, UofM, Fordham, BC, etc.

I am planning on majoring in business. I’m more of a humanities person than a STEM person.
I go to an extremely rigorous private international school in China. (e.g. 3.5 GPA got into Cornell last year!)

I am a permanent citizen of the U.S.

GPA: 3.7 (unweighted)

  • Freshman: 3.62
  • Sophomore: 3.72
  • Junior: 3.79

E: 36
M: 34
R: 32
S: 31

DISCLAIMER: my school limits the number of APs we can take every year for a “holistic” curriculum (fresh: 0, soph: 1, jun: 3, sen: 4)

Freshman Year:
Humanities 9 (mandatory)
Honors Algebra 2 (mandatory)
Biology (mandatory)
Chinese 3 (mandatory)
PE/Health (mandatory)
Chamber Orchestra (elective)

Sophomore Year:
World Literature (mandatory)
PreCalc (mandatory)
AP World History (score: 3)
Honors Chemistry (mandatory)
PE/Religion (mandatory)
Chinese Advanced (elective)
Chamber Orchestra (elective)

Junior Year:
Social Entrepreneurship
AP Language and Composition (score: 5)
AP Calculus AB (score: 4)
AP Statistics (score: 3)
Chinese Near Native (score: 5)
PE/Religion (mandatory)
Chamber orchestra (elective)

Senior Year:
Physics OR APES (CMU require physics… is it worth to drop APES to take Physics instead?)
AP Literature
AP Calculus BC
AP Economy
Native Chinese
Chamber Strings
PE/Religion (mandatory)


  1. Internship at Tolmao Group (2016 summer)
    Startup digital marketing firm in Shanghai. Tasks executed include client meetings, event planning, website design, poster design, business card design, etc.

  2. Internship at Crossroads Foundation Hong Kong (2017 summer)
    Goods distribution and refugee camp. Worked as a barista at their fair-trade cafe.


  1. Executive Board StuCo (11, 12)

  2. Vice President and Co-Founder of DECA
    Expanded DECA, a national business competition in the U.S., to China. (had to headbutt with admin lol) Attended nationals at Anaheim, CA.

  3. President of YEP Club (9, 10, 11, 12)
    Stands for Youth Empowering Progress. A youth mentorship program in which older (HS students) work with younger students (ES and MS students) to make changes in society through service.

  4. President of WILL Foundation (10, 11)
    WILL Foundation is a home for special needs orphaned children who live together as a family. Frequent trips on the weekends are coordinated to help clean their house and play with the children. Fundraising is done as much as possible.

  5. President Tri-M Music Honors Society (11)

  6. Ambassador (9, 10, 11, 12)
    Serve the school community by volunteering at school events including New Student Orientation, college visits, etc.

  7. Varsity Swimming (9, 10, 11)

  8. Cello (9, 10, 11, 12)
    First chair

  9. Pit Orchestra (9, 10)
    First cello

  10. String Quartet (9, 10, 11, 12)
    Performances at events/parties/etc. Proceeds donated to charity

  11. Tutoring outside of school
    Tutoring middle school students (subjects: math and English) outside of school (independent) for profit. All profit goes to Heart to Heart.

  12. Road to Recovery (10, 11)
    Weekly trips to locals’ homes to provide physical therapy sessions to those who cannot afford proper health care. Patients range to children born with disabilities to elderly people who have suffered strokes, heart attacks, etc.

  13. Inner Mongolia Reforestation Project (10)
    Planted trees in Inner Mongolia to prevent the desert from taking over the land.

  14. 1st Place Individual Documentary at National History Day China (10)
    A documentary film on the history of coffee and the current issues of the coffee industries (i.e. child slavery). Advanced to finals in Washington D.C.

  15. Third Culture Coffee Roasters (11, 12)
    Roast coffee and sell to the community to support farmers in Yunnan. This social enterprise is a part of the Social Entrepreneurship class mentioned above.

That was a lot. Thank you so much!!
I would absolutely love love love if you could also list colleges that would serve well as a fit or a safety!