NYU Stern Junior transfer info?

<p>I can't seem to find it on their website. Can anyone direct me to the requirements of transferring?</p>

<p>[Stern</a> Special Program Requirements](<a href=“How to Apply”>How to Apply)</p>

<p>Can i apply as a transfer since i’m taking more cc classes than high school classes? I’m only taking 1 high school class and 4 cc classes (all of which fulfill the general req for nyu)</p>

<p>Here’s what their website says. <a href=“How to Apply”>How to Apply;
“You should apply as a transfer student if you currently are or have been enrolled as a degree candidate in another college or university. (You should apply as a freshman if you have taken college courses as a non-degree student, or if you are taking college courses during your senior year in high school.)”</p>

<p>It sounds like you would have to apply as a freshman, if you’re currently in high school. I’d recommend applying as a freshman anyway, because there are much more openings for freshman than transfer students.</p>