NYU Stern? Or be safe and stick to NYU CAS??

<p>I recently found out (through this message board- i swear you guys are like my college advisers LoL) that I cannot apply to 2 schools of NYU. I was originally planning on applying to both the CAS and Stern. But now, I don't know which 1 to choose. I know my chances are better at the CAS (since it is less selective) but NYU Stern would be much better for what I want to do. But at the same time, I do want to have NYU as an option (it's the "match" that I like the most). </p>

<h2>So, do you think that Stern is too much of a reach for me? Should I just stick to applying to the CAS??</h2>

<p>My Stats:
Female, Hispanic, Public NYC school
average (weighted): 98.7
rank: 3/700something
SAT: 2040: V- 670 M- 670 W-700
SAT II: Bio- 640 US History- 690 Spanish- 760</p>

<p>AP courses:
spanish language- 5
european history- 3
art history- 4
biology- 3
calculus b/c- 1/2
us history- 4
english language- 4
This year:
Chemistry, US Government & Politics, English Lit., Statistics</p>

AP Scholar Award (after 10th) and AP Scholar with Honor Award (after 11th)</p>

<p>ECs: (aLL 2 of them LoL)
Arista Honor Society (11th and 12th)
Law Team (12th grade)</p>

Tutor/Assistant Teacher: october-present
Camp Counselor: summer 2005
Babysitter/Tutor: sept. 2004-june 2005
Camp Counselor: summer 2004</p>

<h2>Assistant Teacher: july 2003-march 2004</h2>

<p>Sooo, what do you guys think??</p>

<p>You should apply to Stern, i think you have excellent chances.</p>

<p>yea? u think so? but isn't Stern like really selective?</p>

<p>you have a great chance! where in NYC are you? what school?</p>

<p>thanks for the input, and I live in Queens.</p>

<p>wel... ur hispanic</p>

<p>im in queens too, flushing I go to edison in Jamaica though</p>