NYU Stern Students of 2014/2015 - Stats?

<p>Hey guys, its been a dream of mine to go to NYU Stern, and I posted up my stats in a chance thread, but felt like comparing mine to people who already got in is a bunch better way.
I would like you guys to post
2. SAT Scores/ACT Scores
3. SAT II Subject Test
4. AP Courses/AP Scores
5. EC's
6. Hooks
7. Race/Gender
Thank you very much.</p>

<li>81 UW, 85 W</li>
<li>1750 SAT</li>
<li>640 MATHII, 610 LIT</li>
<li>3 APs in HS, (5,3,3)</li>
<li>Computer club (9th grade-11th grade), JV tennis (10th grade)</li>

<p>SOO happy i got in :B :D :]</p>

<li>3.7 UW</li>
<li>2150 (800 R, 650 M, 700 W)</li>
<li>APUSH, Psych, Human Geo, Lit, Language (all 5s)</li>
<li>Foreign Exchange</li>
<li>Foreign Exchange</li>

<p>Going to stern in the fall. GOOD LUCK!!!</p>

<p>@NJsterling first of all congrats!!!:D
i just wanted to confirm, you got into stern with a 1750 sat score? coz i've been going crazy bcs my sat scores are like yours, but the rest of my application is great. I thought i stood no chance with these scores omg u gave me some hope lol thanks ;p</p>

<p>NJsterling and costanza712, did you get in early decision or regular?</p>

<p>1750 are you serious?</p>

<p>That's the score I got in 7th grade for Duke TIP.</p>

<p>@NJSterling </p>

<p>Umm.... I have to admit, I'm a bit confused here. How did you get into Stern with a roughly 2.7 UW GPA and a 1750 SAT score?</p>

<p>He didn't, hes just trolling everyone.</p>

<p>That or his dad wrote a very large check.</p>

<p>Looking at his post history, he did not apply to colleges this year. And his stats were higher than those listed when he did apply. I wouldn't take what he says seriously. No one gets into Stern with a 2.7UW and 1750.</p>