NYU Stern Transfer 2012

<p>My chances at Stern
Hi, i am a 2nd semester freshman (international student) at Penn State, Im currently an econ major, but will be in the honors college sophmore year if I stay.</p>

<p>High School GPA: 3.2 (went to a well known private prep school, but i blew my chances my screwing up on my grades)
SAT: 1950</p>

-2 years varsity rugby and soccer.
-Business Club
-Honor code committee
-Jap Honor Society</p>

<p>College GPA: 3.8 (dean's list, taking 300 level econ classes this semester, calc 1 and honors classes in english, political science and I/O psych)</p>

<p>College credits: 25 ( I will finish 43 at the end of spring 2012)
A decent recommendation from my honors professor</p>

-Economics Association
-Investment Association
-Prospective student for the prestigious Paterno Fellowship (have the right GPA and honors curriculum, just need to complete 31 credits for admission)</p>

-I created a partnership investment fund with some friends from stanford and georgetown (investment banking interns on wall street) a year ago with a sizable amount of equities with money pooled from our life savings and internship money.
-NYU legacy through my sister
-Was able to get UBS and Merrill Lynch PWM internship in hong kong for summer through networking and connections</p>

<p>What are my chances for NYU stern? I know my high school stats are way below par, but how important are my post HS credentials compare to those? I really need some advices. Thanks in advance</p>

<p>Definitely worth the shot if u write kick ass essays</p>

<p>i mean if *I write good essays even thought i dont know if my stats are good enough</p>

<p>Stern is not easy, but you should definitely try</p>

<p>Are you sure you don't want to apply to the Econ program at CAS at NYU? It's easier to get in to than Stern.</p>

<p>I talked to some of my friends at CAS (econ) and Stern. while CAS has better profs, stern prepares students for career in wall st like no other. I want to go into investment banking and according to them stern is the place for that, not CAS</p>

<p>Stern has a terribly low acceptance rate. As a general rule, if you couldn't get into a specific college as a freshmen applicant, your chances as a sophomore transfer aren't that great. One semester of college grades does not mitigate four years of high school. My advice to you would be to study for the SAT/ACT and aim for a 2200+. Also continue to keep your GPA above a 3.8 and make sure that your semester GPA never dips below that point. </p>

<p>First of all going to a college with the sole purpose of getting ONE specific job in an extremely competitive industry is petulant. You never know what the job climate will be like in two years as the economy is becoming so volatile. I would strongly urge you to pick a school that will prepare you for a broad array of opportunities and possibilities. I know some people who worked their butts off to get their foot into the door, and when they were finally in, they hated it. </p>

<p>You should probably start reading wall street oasis especially if you're thinking about banking. Stern is a semi-target and its ranking fluctuates wildly based on how well Wall Street is doing.</p>

<p>How much does legacy even count for NYU? I know it can be beneficial in freshman year admission but does it help at all for transfer?</p>