NYU Stern what are my chances

<p>hey I new at this so bear with me...i was wonder what my chances are at getting into nyu stern (business)</p>

<p>Korean female, 16 junior</p>

<p>my unweighted gpa is 3.9 out of 4.3 (weighted 4.13)
I take the most rigorous courses i can at my school
im taking 3 aps (french, macroeconomics, us hist) prob A's or A-'s
took sat once already got 2060 (math-740 cr-660 w-660)
taking sat again</p>

<p>extra c's</p>

<p>Youth Court (crime prevention for youths)
jv tennis for 2 years, varsity as a junior (im a junior now)
newspaper as arts and ideas editor
Key club (community service)
Dare Role Model
Piano for 8 years now
scholar athlete</p>

<p>any input would be great. thanks</p>

<p>this belongs not in herrrrrre</p>