NYU Stern's Financial Aid for Transfer students.

<p>Anybody know if there's any FA available to transfer students ?, i've been surfing their website but I can only find information on scholarships and FA for freshmen applicants. Nothing on transfer's so far though, any help will be thanked.</p>

<p>NYU gives very little if any aid for transfer students.</p>

<p>sybbie: thanks or the reply, yeah I heard they are pretty stingy overall on FA. I didn't find any info on their website about it though, so I was just wondering if anybody had any type of example/experience transferring to NYU or if they'd found anything on the website (considering their website is pretty crappy as well). Thanks for the reply though</p>

<p>NYU used to have stated in their website that the gave no aid to international or transfer students. they have since removed the statement from their website. As a former and current NYU student with the exception of a few grants to incoming freshmen, HEOP students, and PhD students, NYU does not give out a lot of money.</p>