NYU sterns

<p>bad public school</p>

<p>top 1% of class
1520 Sat ( 780m/740v)
207 psat</p>

<p>AP classes
10th:AP chem (scored a 4)</p>

<p>11th:AP physics (3)
lang & comp(4)
U.S. History (5)</p>

<p>12: AP Calc AB, AP psychology, AP bio </p>

<p>4.8787 weighted gpa
3.9 unweighted gpa </p>

<p>Sat II's
750 math IIc
690 math Ic
720 World history
720 chemisty
680 U.S. History
660 writing (rotook oct 9)</p>

10-12 Math team (co-captain)
10-12 Science bowl
9-12 Science olympiad (device captain)
11-12 Rotary Interact (did community service)
9-12 World Cultures Club
10-12 National Honor society
9-12 Chess Team
9-12 Quiz bowl
11-12 Suffolk County math team (qualified because of outstanding job in math team)
9-10 roller hockey
9 winter track</p>

a Top scorer at Suffolk County mathematics teachers association math league,
High Honor Roll
American Mathematics Competition commended team member (I scored a 95)
Suffolk County Mathematics Team All-Star
National Honor Society
New York State Assembly Citation in Regional Science Bowl
Bronze medal in Science Olympiad</p>

<p>outside of school:
worked 20 hours a week during 11th grade as a telemarker
Roller Hockey
currently work at C&M sports apparel about 12 hours a week </p>

<p>what are my chances of getting into Sterns via ED? Also what major should I do, I can't decide</p>