NYU Summer MT Program

Hi! I’m applying to the summer program for this summer. Does anyone know how many are accepted and if you attended, what was your experience?

My son attended last year, as a rising senior, and loved the program. Nice mixture of dance, acting, and voice work, along with the opportunity to attend Broadway shows- I think he saw 4 of them in the two weeks he was there. He still keeps in touch with many of the other kids, and happily was accepted into the Steinhardt MT program last week! I think there were 25ish kids in the group, ranging in age from 17 to 25. His roommate was from Hong Kong, and there were kids from as far as Australia, Oregon, and several from the tri-state area. Students had a nice mix of structure and freedom during the evenings, and for the most part seemed to hang out in big groups. Highly recommend!

My son was just accepted to the program. He is a rising senior in highschool. We were told they accept 35. I am curious as to how many applicants they get. Betaboo… do they travel in groups to the Broadway shows or are they on their own to get to the theaters?

My son is a rising senior too and was accepted. I think they are on their own outside of the program but it sounds like they all go together to the shows and evening activities.

How was his experience at NYU MT summer program? Did he learn and improve a lot?