NYU Tandon scholarships?

hey all
applied to tandon for c/o 2025
applied RD for computer science
I’m a girl from NJ with a 3.92 UW gpa
no sat due to covid
I heard tandon gives lot of scholarships due to a large donation made by the tandon family a few years ago (which is why they named the school after them)
all the people ik that got into tandon got in with great merit scholarships
I dont qualify for need based aid, so im really hoping I get some merit scholarships to lower that 80k price
any ideas???

I have very similar stats and also applied to Tandon! I applied RD for environmental engineering. 3.88 UW / 4.12 W, 34 ACT (don’t remember whether I submitted), applying from CA
I heard they have money for merit scholarships too, but a few of my friends were accepted to Tandon last year with very high stats and none were awarded merit aid. Seemed a little strange. Hoping for better luck this year!