NYU test option

NYU offers people either to send ap scores or sat for their requirements.
I am applying to NYU cas for econ and my sat score is a 1470. But I also have ap scores of 5’s on calc bc, 5 on ap lang, and 5 on ap macro.
Which one would be better to send, if any?

NYU is an odd one and I haven’t seen their alternate test options discussed.

1470 is well above the mid-point of the 25-75% range, so above average for admitted students. So I’d certainly send it.

Is there a restriction on not sending them all? That’s the typical advice for SAT/ACT superscoring schools - send everything and let them sort out what’s best.

Thank you for the reply! I couldn’t find a lot of info online about sending both ap’s and sat. Do you know any information by any chance whether schools like NYU would just look at one and use that to compare students or look at both tests?

The median admitted SAT for class of 2024 was 1500 https://www.nyu.edu/about/news-publications/news/2020/march/NYU_Class_of_2024_Admits.html
1470 is above the 1440 midpoint of enrolled students (for class of 2023) and is certainly not going to put you out of contention. I think you can submit both. I’d certainly ensure the 5s are listed. From what I recall with my daughter’s application she had both ACT and APs listed. At the info session we attended, they kind of hinted to just send one but said they would look at everything you submit. NYU is a solidly holistic college so everything else - your GPA, essays, and letters of rec - are all going to be very important as well.

@RichInPitt fyi NYU’s standardized test policy is here - they have always been test-flexible https://www.nyu.edu/admissions/undergraduate-admissions/how-to-apply/standardized-tests.html
They are test optional this year but with OP’s scores I would certainly submit.